Distributeur - Importateur exclusif pour le Canada depuis 1997

Distributor - exclusive importer for Canada since 1997

 B90 ORIGINAL model

The B90 babyfoot is a very solid product plebiscite by individuals, businesses and communities. The furniture is monobloc in solid beech and multiplis 1st choice. The joinery assembly is doubled by steel elements providing resistance to any test. The mechanical and mobile elements of the game are made with high-tech materials for superior playing quality. Dimensions: 1.50 m * 1.00 m * 0.95 m - 80 kg. Telescopic bars made of hard chrome plated and interchangeable ground steel. Players in aluminum, fixed on the bars by high resistance screws, hand decorated and enamelled in the oven. Goals in polished aluminum. Removable solid beech legs. Return of the balls on the two big defensive sides. Sold with long handles and 6 balls ( cork or plastic of your choice)

The authentic babyfoot, always copied but never equaled



THE ORIGINAL B90, the best seller, the best known and the most widespread

B90 ITSF Compétition, the official homologated table for competitors

Cérusée highlighting the natural wood material giving a Scandinavian deco trend

Rustic revealing the veining of beech wood and warming the interiors

White lacquer giving a contemporary touch for a refined decoration

Black lacquered sober and chic finish for a contemporary and timeless touch

New York black or white makes you travel Manhattan direction. Through lettering, we can distinguish this skyscraper view and the whole universe that this city inspires with lofty and trendy interiors.

Examples of customization, let your imagination and your taste, imagine, create, choose the color of your table, your feet, your carpet, your ramps, your handles, your players which will make a unique model and exceptional !!!!! Discover all the possibilities below

Monochrome white mixing white, transparency and chrome

Gray transparent feet, innovative and refined style, true trendy furniture

Western American, escape and conviviality guaranteed

B93 decor inspired by basketball, NBA and NHL teams, athletes will recognize themselves

UK version "British" and "Brick", trendy tables showing the rock codes and offbeat of the British spirit, we are appropriating the symbols of the London city

Flower green or transparent feet, homage to the Sixties and the emblematic concert of Woodstock, spiralfloral with psychedelic paces see of levitation with the transparent feet

Fun board, surf on this flashy foosball reflecting sports slips

Ocean, this table will give you the atmosphere of a summer relaxation facing the sea

"Arabesque" or "Rocaille", these tables are decorated in a very meticulous way fully hand painted, making each piece unique!

Club, declination of the original model with only difference a central ball return

Tiger, orange and black jungle trend for an ethnic-chic decor

Leather-wrapped, our B90 model is dressed in full grain leather in white or black for these high-end tables becoming true unique works of art

Different customization options available to you

And if you could choose your options and have a unique model like you !!!  

  All our tables B90 (except model ITSF) can receive the different options below

OPTIONS HANDLES - Choose from 8 handles (with or without supplement)

Round handle, ergonomic alternative pear handle with round handle, black long handle (standard handle) or aluminum, black or transparent versatile USA long handle, Bonzini long handle designed for magnesium "snake" technique and all new 2019 bi-material long handle for a trendy design and a new feeling to the touch!

COLOR OPTION OF PLAY MAT (with or without supplement)

All our play mats are marbled, choose the standard carpet (marbled green without lines) or gray, black, with or without marking lines

PLAYERS OPTION - Choose standard players, personalized (with or without supplement)

Choose the standard teams (red and blue) or your favorite teams in the proposed range of national or international teams or even have the players aluminum chrome, aluminum gold or custom

RAMPS OPTION - Choose the color of the set of 2 ramps (with or without supplement)

Choose the standard ramp (red) or choose blue - black - green - gold - metallic gray - white

COUNTER OPTION - Choose the color of your point counters (with or without extra charge)

Choose standard counters (red and blue) or opt for black - yellow - green - aluminum - white - transparent