Distributeur - Importateur exclusif pour le Canada depuis 1997

Distributor - exclusive importer for Canada since 1997


Foosball is also a sport: table football. It's a real sport with its rules, competitions, clubs and champions. Present on all continents, it has its own official structures of administration and organization of competitions and events. Our B90 ITSF is the only French professional competition table approved by the International Federation for all major national and international competitions.

Table football is a sport accessible to all, juniors, veterans, women, men. People with reduced mobility can join the sports community of foosball players, our models of leisure and competition being arranged to accommodate them. More than forty countries in the world have their own federations united within the International Federation of Football Clubs - International Federation Soccer Federation - whose goal is to promote the development of this sport in the world and gather around them players from all continents


     - Facade in solid beech and first choice plywood 22 mm thick.  

     - joinery assembly lined with mechanical elements for maximum strength  

     - Solid beech legs, removable.      

     - Painted finish without screen printing

     - Telescopic bars in ground steel, hard chromed and interchangeable with treated steel threaded ends and 4mm pin.

     - Players in aluminum, fixed on the bars by high strength screws, hand decorated and enamelled in the oven, raw and milled feet.

     - Polished aluminum goal

     - Dimensions: 1,50 m * 1,00 m * 0,95 m - 103 kg

     - Return of the balls on the two big defensive sides.

B90 compulsory equipment - OFFICIAL ITSF

This is the official competition table homologated by the FFFT and the ITSF. On the same basis as our original B90 model are added the following complete ITSF options:

     1) An official competition license affixed to the B90 ITSF table and issued by the federation

     2) Increased stability by two crossbars of steel legs to weigh down the 23 kg table.

     3) Better lateral control of the ball thanks to the raw players' feet of paint and countersunk on both lateral sides.

     4) Optimum leveling of the table and adjustment of its height thanks to the four feet equipped with jacks.

     5) Marker of specific points 3 colors: 5 red and 3 blue for the points and 2 white for the sleeves for a team, and conversely for the other.

Model B90 - ITSF for person with reduced mobility

The first competition table for people with reduced mobility was designed in the same spirit as the standard ITSF model, but with the idea of ​​maximizing the space under the table on the goal side to allow players to place and move their chairs. The solution consists of shifting each foot laterally thanks to their inverted "J" shape, which gives the table this sleek and slender appearance, very elegant and original. A version with transparent sides was designed to allow have an unobstructed view of the game

   - Dimensions: 2.12 m * 1.00 m * 0.90 m - 70 kg - Height under legs 0.69 m.

The official competition ball ITSF - B

The competitions are held using the official ball, itsf-B (B for Bonzini), approved by the International Federation.